Friday, January 21, 2011

DQS10 and an incredible givaway(not mine)

 So first here is some fabric I am considering for the DQS10. 
Different ideas stewing.
So many options.
So some fabulous finds from last weekend...
One of my favorite fabrics form my 90's stash-LOVE this print!
We had cool fabrics back then too.  I think it was a Hoffman.  I forgot to look.  Oops.

And a charm pack of the fabulous, yet to be released Sherbert Pips!  I was saving this for a quilt I am designing but realized a layer cake or fat quarter bundle would work better.  I'm saving my money to preorder in a few months!

Here is some random fabric I'm using to make something for someone.  They are fabrics I bought in one of those finds at a yard sale a few years ago.  About 20 yards of fabric for $5.  Hey my moto is why spend $50 when you can spend 50 cents.
One of these is a Micheal Miller print can you tell which one?

The giveaway can be found here at Lila Teuller's blog. 
Keywords:  Riley Blake, fat quarters, layer cakes , and charm squares!


Lana said...

Love the header!!!! SO CUTE!

Cheryl R. said...

I have (or had) some of that fabric with the crowd of faces! I used it in a little wall quilt that had a superhero flying in the sky. The faces were the crowd of people on the ground. I made it for my little guy (who's all grown up now). How funny to see it on your website!