Monday, March 28, 2011

DQS10 and One thing One Week Challenge!

I am sooo happy to have my DQS10 quilt top finished!!! I really should have had it done weeks ago.  I had a bit of a block about it.  Has that ever happened to you?  You have a project that is creativly challenging, you know what you want to do, you WANT to do it but every night when you come home something keeps you from working on it?  Friday I started working on it and it just went!  Saturday and into Sunday!  I even basted it, and machine quilted the blocks and borders outling and in the ditch.  The rest will be hand quilted using pearl cottons this week during Spring Break before I send off to??????.  Shhh, its a secret I cant tell you where it is going...yet!  Below is the tale of this quilt.
Once upon a time there was a quiet quilter who learned to sew on her grandmother's old White sewing machine.  Her teachers were the shows she watched on PBS, the quilt books she read, and the Quiltnet emails she exchanged.  The quiet quilter created wonderful quilts that told the stories of those she gifted them to.  Then change and upheaval came and left our quiet quilter sleeping in a closet, packed away with her fabric and threads and scissors. 

 After many years and more upheaval and illness, change again came to the quiet quilter.  She was awoken as her fabrics, threads, scissors, and other tools were unpacked into a beautiful blue green space.  The quiet quilter relearned her old quilting ways and found new ones in quilt stores and flickr groups and blogs.  And she again began to create beautiful quilts, this time telling her own stories.  

Inspired by her new world she created The Dream.  She paper pieced a woman representing herself and all quilters, climbing upon the blocks of traditional and modern, past and present, pattern and fabric.  A rainbow of stars made with fabrics from the past, set on a Kona gray background, swirl into innovation.  The woman, the quiet quilter, wearing a modern dress in the newest fabric with fabulous aqua heels.  The Dream shows the quiet quilter as she was in the past, who she is in the present, and who she may yet become in the future.  And through it all the quiet quilter realized that a quilt is a dream made in fabric and thread.
The Beginning..

Keep dreaming...Colleen

Now aided by her faithful companion Kalli.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely Colleen

Deborah in Atlanta said...

Beautiful. Well-said. You should somehow get those words put on the backing of the quilt. Very, very well-said. Welcome back to the quilting world. I'm sure it missed you.

Quiet Quilter said...

Welcome back.. Lovely

angie said...

What a lovely story!! This quilt is wonderful!

edyB said...

It's wonderful therapy ~ to do something creative! So glad you are back to making beautiful quilts. This one is wonderful and so is the sweet story.