Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moda Bake Shop Sliced contest entry#2

So my mind has been spitting more ideas out for the Moda Bake Shop contest Sliced.  The contest auditions end February 29th.  This idea has been in the back of my mind since before I heard of the contest.  The challenge fit well together with my idea for a block roll storage.

I had already made one for traveling, but wanted a second one to use in my studio for projects with pieces waiting to  be sewn.
I started by choosing 8 charm squares remaining in my charm pack and sewing them end to end.  Sewing a 3" border of Ruby green pindots all the way around.
Then I got out my Lil Twister ruler which I had never used. 

This is the coolest ruler ever!  And easy to use!
 I learned that the 5" charm pack squares are the perfect size for this ruler.  I also learned (though I couldn't find it written) that however many squares you use that is how many lil twister pinwheels you will make.

Its almost like magic how they come together.

I then bordered the finished central piece on three sides with the rest of the Origins yardage.  It came together very quickly.

I used batting for the back side that is what holds the fabric pieces on the inside when rolled up.  The first one I made I used flannel. 

 Either works fine. Though I had to use batting in the project and I love how the cotton batting holds the blocks.  You could even hang this over a door or chair or on the wall and use it as a small design wall.  Or reverse it for a small wall hanging.  I must say after using the origins charm squares and yardage of the one print I really love the color pallet.

I used another vintage buckle from my stash to form the belt like closure.

I love how my two projects go together and match my studio with the wonderful fabric choices.
Stay tuned who knows what else my mind will think up...the 29th isnt until Wednesday.

Keep dreaming...Colleen
This vintage token from Chevy, hiding in my buckle collection made me grimace.
Ready for Winter?  I've been waiting forever!


Barb said...

My mind is going too....I submitted two and have an idea for another but didn't want to pay the 3.00 for the buckles (cheap)....If I can go to Goodwill and get some I might make another.

Good luck on yours, I love the fabrics you are using.

CathyC said...

what a wonderful job you have done ;-)
I love the idea of the roll matching your machine cover ;-)

Kelly said...

Love all of these! Had a great time at the sew-in, we need to do it again!