Saturday, December 18, 2010

Giveaway Winner!, Traditions and Friday Night Sew In

And now for a giveaway winner!

  Sharon #34!  

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Sharon said... (34) My favorite Christmas traditon my husband and I started when we were first married (20 years ago), on Christmas eve we go stocking shopping for each other. We Pick any store and just buy a lot of little silly things. It is fun on Christmas morning to see what we each found in the store.

I found this quote on another blog.  It really is how I feel.  Life can be very empty without tradtions.

"Family traditions provide great value, and the value lasts far beyond the moment. The value of a tradition isn't in completing the ritual; the value comes from what it provides for those who participate.  First of all, traditions provide stability.  Activities that are observed year in and year out become a means by which family members can build trust and security. Regardless of what else may happen, the traditions will not change. So much in our lives these days is temporary. Family traditions provide something for every person to hold on to and to rely upon."

Daddy helping me get my Christmas tree.

Friday Night Sewin was last night.  I completed two gifts.  One for my mom and one for my sister.  I also have all the pieces for another gift cut and mostly pieced together.  But then the week caught up with me and I was falling asleep over the sewing machine.  Since all of the projects I worked on were gifts for people who read this blog I will leave you with a picture of a candlemat I made for the candle mat swap.  It was sent off long ago and uses my favorite Christmas fabrics from Moda Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho!  This Santa needs to wrap presents and wash the santa suits. 
Let it snow! (fingers crossed)

Keep dreaming…Colleen


If you need a little holiday cheer read the other comments on this post.  They all made me smile!


Micki said...

I like what your husband and you do each Christmas...Joe and I do the exact same thing, and it is so much fun. I made two stockings just for that purpose.