Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ooo, ooo, I can share something!

Dad, mom, and sis.

We went to my sister's house for dinner tonight. 

Isn't her tree beutiful? 
See the snow ball on the top left?  I think its made with a styrofoam ball covered in batting and rolled in sparkly snow.  I think I could make that. 
She has a lot of Hello Kitty blown glass ornaments.
Super Sis always hosts a dinner around Christmas and I cook Christmas Eve. 
Grandpa Jack drove all the way from PA today to spend Christmas with us.  He looks good for 89! 

It is tradition to bring a wrapped hostess gift.  I did a whole basket.  I wrapped up a cute Mrs Claus apron I didn't make but got on sale last year after Christmas.  A bottle of wine went into a stocking I quickly sewed-mostly because it was already cut out.  A small yankee candle-which she loves and a mug filled with hot chocolate, m&ms and marshmellows, all wrapped in a cute little mug rug.  I used thermal batting to make it extra heat proof and made it two sided. 
 Isn't it cute!
Let me share some pics ofher other wonderful decorations.

this is Zoey.
  Well to bed and up in the morning for last minute vacumming, picking up, baking, sewing, and preparing dinner-then church!

Keep dreaming…Colleen


Micki said...

I loved seeing all of your pics! Merry Christmas!