Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 UFO todo list

 I know I am a little late in posting this but it has been a busy month.  So I will start with my oldest UFOs and I will probably forget something.  I need to explain all of the 90's swaps I did were through Quiltnet online quilting guild based out of Cornell at the time.  It split into two groups it got so large.  One for just quilting info and discussion and the other for exchanges.  I do have some finished projects from that time including my favorite Quiltnet  World Quilt.  The border was made up of autographed 6" charm squares, pieced or appliqued blocks from as faraway as Australia and Norway.  The computer blocks were r also the guild pin.  The center is a 3D stuffed earth with beads marking locations of guild member who sent me blocks. The blue stars represented online guilds. 

1.  Twelve 12.5" 199something Hoffman fabric challenge blocks.  We had to use the purple butterfly fabric to make an Ohio Star. 
I also have these fabrics we had to send with the blocks.  Do you think I should sash these or sew them together without?

2.  Twelve 12.5" Amish blocks-I love these and think I will definitely sash them with a plain black border.

3. thirteen 12.5 Autumn Star blocks-I think I definitely need to set these with sashing or maybe on point.  What do you think?

I still have some great green w/some gold hand dyed look leaf print I had bought for a backing.
4.eight 12.5 black and white cat blocks-  I think probably sashed in a 2x4 grid. 

5. six 8" colorful cat blocks- I'm not sure what to do with these.  What do ya'll think?  Small wall quilt? Maybe the back of the BW cat blocks.

6.  sixty- six 6.5" Amish 9patches-These are from about four different swaps.  Did I tell you I learned to quilt/was addicted to making 9patches?  I am going to make a quilt sorting the colors together somehow and using black sashing and backing. 

7.  six 12.5 Hoffaman challenge fabric blocks-I think these might make an interesting table runner.  I don't think I will use my ugly block (lower rt)  it can always go on the back.  Opinions?

 I also have extra cuts of this fabric.

8.  Black and White Cat wall hanging-I love this wall hanging I made myself.  I think I moved before I could finish it.

9.  Then I have these crazy wonky blocks made from the bits and pieces of left overs.  Not sure where these will go if anywhere.

10.  Ok don't laugh to hard at these next blocks.  They are the first ones I EVER made.(circa 1991)  These were made pre ANY quilting knowledge, tools, or clue.  I followed I think a PBS Georgia Bonesteel show to make the small log cabin type blocks that when four were pieced together make different blocks.  They are very badly hand cut and sewn with our knowledge of seams on the sewing machine. LOL

Here is a closeup of one the better sewn blocks.  LOL.  Got to love those Piece Good prints-these were probably some of the first fabrics I ever bought.  I mostly used scraps from Grandma's House.

They might be interesting squared up and just sew together.

11.  Eighty or ninety (I forgot what I counted) Muslin 9 patches-  I would put these together just like I have them on the wall.  The stack are the ones I couldn't fit on the wall.  I love the way these fit together and they are all different.  They are mostly all signed and represent about 8 or 9 swaps.

12.  I have about 50 Christmas nine patches too but I forgot to photograph them.
13.  Border exchange-This is one of two I did that needs to be basted, quilted and bound.  I love the center block I made very wonky and free form using some hand dyed fabrics I made.

There were four borders put on this quilt by others in a round robin exchange.
I sent a label with it that every one signed and id which border they made.

14.  Border exchange #2-notice this one is in a lap hoop and has even been partially hand quilted.  It has ben a decoration as is for about 11 years.  LOL

15.  Sailboat Watercolor quilt-Does anyone do watercolor quilts anymore?  I haven't seen any on the blogs.  I have red fabric for the border and a great sailboat print for the backing.

16.  Twenty four Novelty print 9 patches-I forgot to take a picture of them
17. No muslin 9 Patch quilt-This quilt top and backing just need to be basted, quilted and bound. It represents another 4 or 5 swaps.  Told you I was addicted! It has my favorite pink repro fabric.  I love this and am hoping to get it long arm quilted soon so it can be my new bed quilt.

Well there you have it my 90's UFOs.  Anyone out there in blogland participate in any of these Quiltnet/Qxchg swaps?  Some will make lovely quilts I have been wanting forever!

Keep dreaming…Colleen
Jenn from ND was my angel in the candlemat swap when my assigned person dissappeared. 
 Thanks Jenn it is beautiful!  Just my colors and style!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a wonderful collection you have. You talk a lot of sashing with black - Amish definately - but try to audition some white or other. White will pop them. Your cat blocks are too much. But the last is my favorite. I'm a lover of 9-patch with muslin and the pink is the appropiate period match. That is just lovely.