Sunday, January 2, 2011

IKEA fabric haul

ok Im ticked off because once again I spent time writing a post only to have it disappear when I pushed publish.  I thought it was saving drafts!  Is it only me?  Ugh!  Once more...

I forgot to share my fabric haul from IKEA.  You can order online I found my deals at the store in Charlotte, NC.
This first print is from their home decor line.  The line has traditional stripes as well as large modern graphic prints.$7.99 a yard-you cut it yourself!

My mom picked this wonderful blue with white floral print that has orange details.  Im thinking birthday present.
The next three were 47" by 118" bolts for $5.99 on sale!
I loves this red!  It has a wonderful white snowflake like floral with pink and green dots.
This blue with snowflake print was too cute to pass by.
I loved this blue and white snowflake print because, well its snowflakes!
Last is this wonderful aqua and red print with the whimsical graphics. 
Im thinking a backing or border or sashing for the quilt Im planning for my Sherbert Pips charm pack.

Many people have been asking about the comic boards I use to organize my stash.  You can find my post about them here

I also found these websites with other examples using comic boards.
Sew Fantastic. folds her fabric ends and pins them.
Heathers Custom Sewing organizes her whole stash.
smashed peas and carrots shows her beautiful stash in her own IKEA Billy cabinet.

Well time for bed as I have to go back to work tomorrow :o(

Keep dreaming…Colleen
A wonderful handmade ornament from the ornament exchange. Let it snow!


Barb said...

Just love the fabrics... thanks for the links!!

Sarah Craig said...

I have never been able to order IKEA fabric on line - it tells me that it's only available in the local store (which for me is 5 hours away!) Am I missing something?

Deborah in Atlanta said...

Any way you can put a link on your blog so I can receive post updates via e-mail? In the past when I've asked bloggers, I would get something back that says "Feed Blogger Email subscription". If that helps you, then that would definitely help me. Thanks for considering it.