Monday, January 3, 2011

Blue scraps challenge part 2 and a question

 Hey blue scrapers!
I have been working on the table runner(I think thats what it is going to be).

Ignore the hst, they are for another project. 
So I took the scraps and sewed a little and laid out some more strips and I have something that looks like this.
I still have some muslin strips to add to the long sides. 
 I also found this blue plaid print in my 90s stash for the backing with a roll to front binding.
Do you think this works?  I would appreciate any comments.
I like the scrappy modern free spirit of it-I didn't really measure, just kind of cut and sewed.

BTW I've been wanting to ask everyone what hint or technique or tool you learned about in 2010 that really helped you be a better quilter.  For me it is spray starch,
 I love this stuff!
 a teacher in a class I took introduced us to it.  I have been using this very inexpensive brand from Walmarts and I love how effective it is in setting seams.  It seems to make my blocks come out better.  Which is good because as you can see above I can get a little wild...

Keep dreaming…Colleen


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I'm partial to plaids as well as using what you have on hand. But I really like the dark blue plaid. I don't buy a lot of tools because I don't think they are necessary, but I'm with you on the spray starch for crisp cuts, better blocks - just a better overall finish to your work. I have loved dthe "heads up" on Frieght Harbor rug cutter blades that work in 45mm rotary cutters. At $1.39 for a double pack - WOW. ANd I must say they work better and last longer, but if you are a clutz - keep your fingers tucked or get a Klutz glove or suction cup ruler holder (again cheaper in the hardware section)!

Lana said...

I really like the blocks! They are so different and creative! I can't wait to see the block you are working on for me!