Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quilting back in time

I was excited today to discover the weekly history blog Civil War Quilts written by Barabara Brackman.  Every week she gives the pattern for a Civil War era block and a story from that era.  She is a designer for Moda who designs Civil War reproduction fabrics. It is only the second week so only two blocks have been posted.   I realized when I sorted my stash that some of the 90's fabric is repro from around that era-I think they were Smithsonian collection?  This could be another way to bust my 90's stash.

I also found a stash of HST already sewn into squares with white on white prints that have the same old feeling.  I decided not to worry about size and went ahead and quickly sewed together the two blocks.
This first block is called 'Catch Me If You Can' in honor of the Underground railroad.  Notice how authentic I am using slightly different prints when I ran out.
The second block is my favorite star block with many names but on the blog is called 'North Star'.  You have to go read about the 1856 baby quilt in this pattern made for an abolitionist fair.  I put a little twist on it by not using a solid center.  I used the hst I already had cut.

I have been working on other projects.  Including finishing my Valentine tree and other projects from the Be Mine blog tour.  I also found this fabric in my stash hiding with the fat quarters to use with the charm squares in the other projects.  However they were put on hold as I was finally able to work on Mom's birthday gift for Sunday.  Sadly there are no more Sew Days this week as we are back to school tomorrow.  Of course we do have a vacation day Monday, so THREE DAY WEEKEND!

More pics to follow.

Keep dreaming…Colleen
Christmas snow and geese on the lake at Mom and Dad's.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Your civil war blocks look wonderful. Way to use your stash and orphans. They found a new home. Keep sharing.

Stray Stitches said...

Your civil war blocks are great! Love the fabrics you are using. The picture at your Mom's and Dad's is beautiful but looks very, very cold.