Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back from a bad virus

My computer caught a malware virus!  I was reading my blogs while at the NC Reading Association(NCRA) Leadership conference in Boon, NC when my computer was attacked!  Beware!  I thought I had good security but this slipped through.  It is called Vista Firewall Security 2011 or a variation of that name.  It acts like it part of your operating system but it is not!  It puts a windows looking icon in your sytem tray and continually pops up windows telling you are infected and giving you a link to pay and download an app to fix.  It takes over your machine and changes all the .exe files so they cant run.  It blocked my security software.  I was out of town so had none of my own resources.  So I went to staples where a nice man helped me get it into safe mode.  He wanted $219 to fix the problem!  Im savy so I went back and researched on my iphone(yeah) and discovered a malware program that could remove the problem called superantispyware.  It seemed to remove the virus and then I restored my system to an earlier date.  And made sure all my security was up to date.  So now I can blog again.  Stay tuned.

Keep dreaming...Colleen

Yes you can sew in a hotel room!


Stormy Days said...

I have Nortons and the Malware got through. It's terrible and I've heard that people click the button and pay to have it removed and nothing happens except they lose their money. I use Malwarebytes and have it on a disc just in case. Lots of nasty people out there.

Sara said...

Gotta love viruses and people that want to charge you up the yingyang to get it fixed. Good for you to go figure it out yourself!

Your quilt top is very pretty:):):):)

Barb said...

Glad you are savy, you just saved yourself alot of money....I am impressed!!!