Monday, June 13, 2011

Pillows were swapped!!!

Lots of pillows were swapped by the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild!

That's me kneeling in the front row on the right.  All of the pillows were amazing, different, and seemed to fit the receiver.  I loved the bag mine came in.
I loved the detail on my pillow! 

She used one of my favoirte Valorie Wells linens and cut out the flowers, appliqued, and embellished them with beads!  She said she had never done the techniques before and was happy to try someting new. 
The back was one of my favorite dots.

Here are the other swappers.


  That's what I love about swaps like this.  You are challenged by your partners preferences and then inspired by the swap item you receive.

Then we had some amazing show and tell.

We also had one of the women in the guild teach us about tying quilts. 

I  found a couple of techniques that would make great embellishement ideas too.I really love this group!  It makes me realize how much I miss living in the area.

Keep Dreaming...Colleen
My pillow goes perfectly on my studio chair!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a clever swap and look at all those lovely pillows. Just beautiful - love your green pillow and so fun your swap mate chose something with a learning technique. Great show and tell - enjoyed it.

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

I love your post! Those pillows are all so fantastic, and very inspiring. You are really lucky to be a member of such a fantastic group. And the quilts - love! Looks like a funny group too, I love the DEVO hat and matching cusions!!

Paige said...

I want to come to a meeting! Are they open to new members?