Monday, June 27, 2011

One Week One Thing

I took up Amy's One Thing One Week challenge.  I was supposed to finish my three Bee blocks.  I also had a few other projects I took with me on my sewcation in the mountains.  I will tell more about that in another post.  I am sad to say I did not finish my blocks due to technical difficuties.  My featherweight developed a problem on Sunday when I was trying to finish them.  I dont even have any pictures of them.  I did however finish another challenge I posed for myself for my sewcation this past week. 

I made my quilt top for the Kaufman Dusty Solid charm pack quilt my guild -TMQG -is sponsering for the next meeting.

We were to use a cham pack and one yard of bonus fabric.  I missed out on the free ones so had to find one on the net.  My plan was simple and yet complex.  I literally sewed the charm squares together as they came out of the pack to make to HST sets from each pair.  

Then the hard fun part came.  I played with the layout.  I had one in mind but wanted to see other options.

I really likes this one and may still make it but with a little more planned color matching.  I call it "two rights and a left".

This was what I finally decided on.  It was actually what I had in mind in the first place.  I had several fabric choices for background.  Again I played but interestingly enough the original one I chose was the one I used.

I guess I need to trust my original instincts.  One change to the design in my head was the sashing between the double rows. 
I think I am going to hand quilt it with pearl cottons though not sure what color.  I may use black. 

So I completed a challenge it just wasnt the orginal one I thought I was.

Keep dreaming...Colleen
Overview of Gaitlinburg where I spent part of my sewcation.


Sue Frelick said...

Yup, it happens all the time in the fabric store from whence I just retired...people almost always go back to their first impressions after a turn around the store :-) The 'turn around' is always fun mind you.

Meg said...

I love your idea of sewing the charms together straight out of the pack--the two rights and a left is gorgeous in all the subtle nuance of color!