Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bee Creative sewing day

I am in a Saturday Bee that meets the first Saturday of the month.  It is called Bee Creative.  We are a new Bee that has only been meeting since November, and have not really found a permanent place.  I think Saturday we found home in the childrens room at a local library.  Large enough to form a square of tables to seat up to 14-16 people, high ceilings, and floor to ceiling windows on one wall.  The icing was the sign on the door that actually said Be Creative!

Kelly is sewing her Beautiful batik quilt top from a jellyroll.  She found us this great space!

I started working on my Relay for Life quilt.  I am so far behind on this quilt.  I expected to have it finished at least a month ago so I could raffle it.  But spending most of May with that ear infection and then getting backed up with my swaps...of course some how I forgot one of the blocks for the 4th row.  Oh well if there is one thing I learned that the world still turns if your plans are not always successful.  Good thing the last day of teacher school for me is next Wednesday.

Ava (short a) was making a really neat tote bag with some Moda Sandy Gervais fabric.

The rest of the ladies would not let me photo them.  Spoil sports :o(
But you can see the beautiful projects they were working on.  A very diverse bunch we are.

When I realized I could not go any farther with my Cancer quilt I switched gears.  The other guild I belong to Triangle Modern Quilt Guild meets next Sunday.  I am involved in a 12x14 pillow swap so I pulled out my good scraps and sorted them, picking ones I wanted to use.  I also had some Kona ash gray.  I used a 3" template and cut squares from my scraps and then 1.2-2" strips from the Ash.  I then sewed the squares one strip and cut them apart.  Playing with a layout I came up with this.
We also decided on a quilt pattern for our Bee to make for the quilt show in the 2012.  More on that latter.  This was my no plan, play as I go design.  Ibordered it in gray strips and Im adding some quilting with my favorite pearl cottons.  I have some Valorie wells flannel for the back.

Keep dreaming...Colleen

A robins nest in the firethorn had this baby left.
  Jazzy Girl had this poor baby in her mouth and dad put her back on this branch.
 Her mom came back to feed her and she seemed ok


Lana said...

Hey girl! Those all look like so much fun! I bet you had a GREAT time! Wish I were able to get to some of those! Maybe soon! Hope you are doing good!!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the black and red blocks going there. Looks like a diverse group. Oh, my kitty has been 'gathering' those last nest fledglings, too. Luckily we know where the nests are to set the poor things back.

Anonymous said...

That group sounds like a lot of fun! I've got a guild meeting tonight...but I'd really love to get together and just sew! =)

Sorry you were unwell in May....glad to hear you're feeling better. =)

Sara said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!!! I started one at my house and have 2 ladies that come. All the other groups were too far away or they do not allow kiddos:)