Sunday, December 30, 2012

iPad bag

So mom surprised me this Christmas with an ipad3.

I wasn't expecting it! It was such a surprise. Even if I did ask Santa for it.

Mom gave me the lovely green cover for it. But I decided I really needed a bad to carry it in too. December 26th I was working on a project for mom when she asked me if I had made an iPad bag yet. Well I took that as a challenge. And despite the fact we were leaving for PA the next morning, decided to make one. I pulled out fabrics first - Melody Miller ! I've been hoarding the typewriters in aqua and pink and some other prints. Then I searched through my pins on Pinterest. And finally found this Messenger bag with iPad pocket .

Front with flap down

Front with flap up

Back with attached pocket. As you can see I had a cutting error wi the directionality of the fabric. If I had just switched the crack of the bag...oh we'll love it as is. The strap is also a linen. I added a double pocket inside. I still want to make a cord bag to slip inside. The strap is also about 1.5" too long. I may just take it in a little at the side. I adjusted the pattern a lot and used magnetic snaps on both flaps. Warning , the pattern is difficult to follow if you are not experienced.

Keep dreaming...Colleen

Moms and her sister Emily laughing last night.


WoolenSails said...

That came out wonderfully, love the messenger bag idea. I use mine at home for now, so i just got a case for it, but need to try a bag too.


Nancy@OwensOlivia said...

turned out great! i thought you had done that intentionally. :)

Carrie P. said...

the typewriter fabric is perfect for you bag.