Sunday, December 2, 2012

My recent sewing confrontation

I am a reluctant machine quilter.  There I said it.  Well let me clarify.  Im a reluctant large quilt machine quilter.  I have no problem with small throws, wall hangings, mug rugs, etc...  But I have a trunkful of blocks and tops that are not quilted because of my avoidance of the issue.  I should also clarify that its the size and FMQ technique that makes me nervous.

So with all that in mind I recently FMQ a large-80x80 quilt I made for a friend's wedding.  You can read more about my quilting here.  It was a bear.  I sometimes felt like I was on a runaway train.  I learned I do not have the right machine for quilting such a large quilt.  There is not enough neck space.  I really I don't know how I finished it.  It came out good enough to give as a gift.  However I did realize I could do it if needed.  Some day I would like to get a different machine with more space.

I need to get this machine serviced so I can use it, too.  There is almost 2 inches more space in the neck.

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keep dreaming...Colleen
My Doll Quilt Swap 13 mosaic.  This will be my third time in the swap!


Kelly said...

You did an awesome job on that big quilt! And BTW, Sewingly Yours usually has a 20% off coupon for machine servicing sometime after the first of the year!

Jessica said...

That's a big quilt to FMQ - great job and thanks for linking up!

Cat said...

This is simply amazing! I love it and what an amazing way of using up scraps in a modern look!

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