Sunday, December 16, 2012

Merry Christmas Parade!

Every year our town of Lewisville has a marvelous Christmas parade.  

It is long and huge crowds come out to watch.  My family has participated for a long time.  As a youth I road on my church, Lewisville UMC float where some dressed as a live nativity scene.  Later I used to drive the '72 Chevy my dad owned.   

That was fun!  I used to get all the guys calling out to me about how cool my car was!
Mom and Dad rode in dad's International Scout firetruck.  Dad had to sell the Chevy so now I ride on the back of the firetruck!

My sister if she was home would ride on the back.  And yes it is a fully functioning pumper truck.  It has a large water tank and different sizes of hose.  It was used inside Westinghouse plants to put out machinery fires.  It was small enough to drive up the aisles.    So here are the pictures form last Sundays parade.  It was a warmish almost humid day and the crowds turned out in force.  Oh yes candy was thrown.  We always throw chocolate!

I hope everyone remembers to pray today for the families, the school families, and the community involved in the Sandy Hook shooting.  

Keep dreaming...Colleen,
Found this picture of me and my mom at my sisters wedding. on my iphone.
It was a pleasant surprise as we are always the picture takers and rarely together.