Monday, January 14, 2013

FYI PayPal shipping label problem

Cute baby cousin pic to off set the not fun news.

For those who use PayPal multi-order shipping there is a problem with the program that is not being advertised by the company. For the last month or so I have had problems printing labels. I would do everything like normal, click pay and print and the program would pay and get the shipping info but then the label would not appear. Repeated attempts to reprint, on different computers using different browsers did not solve the problem. Once or twice trying to reprint the next day would work but not always.

When I called I was told that there is some kind of problem they cannot figure out and that there has been an open ticket on it for a while. The big problem is having to void your labels with in 48 hours or you won't get a refund. Oh and the refund takes 15 days! The customer service was good and helped me by refunding some PayPal fees. Oh, and you can't print labels for prepaid envelopes through the USPS site. They have to ship with in a three day window. So I go today to buy priority flat rate envelope postage stamps- they cost $5.15!!!!! That's $.25 more then the $4.90 they charge online!!!

I think it's a conspiracy. Obama wants my money in as many ways as he can get it.

Here is some quilty goodness to make up for the bad mojo. Eleven Grandmother's choice blocks done, only nine to do to catch up. This is # 16 .

Keep dreaming...Colleen

Yes my tree is still live and up so Kalli-cat
and I can get our pm snuggle on.


Jennifer said...

not to add fuel to the fire.. postage is going up on the 28th. I'm not sure by home much but international flat rates are going from $16 - $24, so who knows what it will be domestically..