Saturday, January 5, 2013

Handmade stockings

Im sorry that this sat has sat empty all week.  I am trying to learn to blog on my iPad   Having trouble grabbing pictures from Flickr.  If any one has any ideas or help let me know.

So I am the Christmas stocking maker in the family.  Every one in my immediate family has one.  I made one for the new dog-in-law Smitty before Christmas.
The squirrel is an ornament I made for the squirrel chasing Smitty.
Here are some of the other ones I have made over the years.  Notice the men have the largest ones.  Go figure!
This is my parents cats stocking

My Dad's

Grandpa Jack's

And mine.

Ive made ones fro my late grandmother and my sister and her husband too.  As well as my late cat Opus, my current cat Kalli, and my sister's cat Zoe.

I love to experiment and make each one different.

Maybe I should have made them bigger!

keep dreaming...Colleen

Kalli-cat stalking my button trees. 
 I made a couple of dozen.  They were addictive!