Sunday, January 13, 2013

square square dot dot

now you have had your quilty shot!

Or you have the title of my newest quilt! Conceived, and made in less than a week with other projects hovering around the  fringes.

title:  square square dot dot
where:  Lewisville, NC
what:  table runner
size: 18 x 60
inspiration:  Its all caraquilts fault.  That and jaybirdquilts.  caraquilts had to have persimmondreams on #talknt last Tuesday.  jaybirdquilts had to send me her scraps.  Yes its all their fault.  oh and I guess I got a seed of an idea that wouldn't go away and just had to be made.  though it didn't come out like the picture in my head.  not sure what that says for my head.  First I pulled a pile of scraps in the light greens, oranges, and yellows.  I  played with the scraps for a few days pulling some smaller scraps to serve as focal points-the center square.  I worked from this pile of scraps, pulling our more as needed.  

Especially more neutrals or solid likes to offset some of the busyness of the the various dot prints. I totally improved as I went along, fitting the design to the size of my scraps. I didnt even have a finished product in mind exactly.

  First I was thinking it would be a pillow, then doll quilt, and now its a table runner!  

Its a very happy quilt though we have had nothing but fog since Friday so there is not much light for the pictures.

It was made as for challenge #1 of Project Quilting.  It is also made for ME!  I have a hard time making things for myself.  Over the years I have mostly given things away!
I machine sewed the binding, a look I don't like but since I used a pre-quilted/batted back and its a table runner I didnt care how the back looked.

So Im linking it up over at Sew Many Ways blog tonight.

keep dreaming...Colleen
Kalli-cat's getting better with her cute posing.


Jessica said...

So, so pretty! Love the fabrics you used, and glad you're keeping it!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely project - a welcome to Spring (oh, hurry up) and yes, fun to make something for yourself!

Kelly said...

This turned out so lovely! Good for you to make something for yourself!

Carrie P. said...

love it!