Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nothing but UFOs: Jan. progress

So I have worked on some UFOs this month.  I have a load of them as I stated back on this post.

I took up Carrie of A Passion for Applique's challenge to work on three each month.

I linked up with the following projects.

1.  1993 nine patch Christmas quilt

I actually have the top and the back ready to be quilted.  I even chose the binding from my stash.  But it is not basted or quilted yet.

2.  I said put together another of the nine patch sets into a quilt.  Well the problem with this goal is I realized I had some other projects I forgot about that had to be worked on this month including this baby quilt.

I used the scrappy trip-a-long as well as a vintage block from my grandmother  to make this top.

I have the backing and some leftover scrappy binding all ready to finsih this quilt.  All the fabrics came from my stash.

3.  Finish July 4th table runner.  

Though this picture doesn't show it there were real problems with machine quilting I had done and the back.  To be blunt I hated it which is why its been a UFO since 2010.  I just couldn't see taking out all the quilting. Now I did like the front so I had an inspiration when Mom said she wanted a new pillow.

I was inspired, did some straight line quilting where it needed it, and turned this table runner into a Pillow!   Its perfect now!

Now along the way I got sidetracked on other projects.  But I did use up stash which is my other goal this year.  Some projects I needed to work on because of a commitment I made.  And some I just need to be committed for starting.  

Cause us quilters are crazy!

And thank goodness for instagram where I can easily see what I worked on.

1.  After the baby scrappy trip I wanted to go through my stash and make another for me!  I had to move most of my stash and while selling some of the older stuff off I found jelly rolls of 40s repro fabrics I used in my granny square.  So I started this:

These are just some of the 16.5" blocks Im making.  I have about 6 blocks left to make.  This is my mindless, fast sewing project.

2.  Cut up some low volume fabric for a flickr swap.

I cant wait to get the charm squares back.  Ive been collecting other more colorful squares.  I think all together they will make a great charm square quilt.

3.  I got sucked into Project Quilting sponsored by Persimmon Dreams.  When I heard the Square in a square challenge a germ of an idea sprouted in my brain.  So I pulled out my scrap bins and created this table runner.

And then the second challenge had me thinking I needed a new mug rug for my desk at work to replace the one that is lost.  So I pulled out the scraps again.

Luckily the challenges are every other week.

4.  I also worked on my Doll Quilt Swap 13 quilt.  

Im waiting on fabric for this project due next month.

5. Along the way I forgot I had a quilt guild challenge to create a Senior Services lap quilt with Madrona Road fabric.  

I finished the binding this morning in between napping.

6.  I also worked on catching up on my Grandmother's Choice blocks.  read more about them here.  I still have three to go.

7.  I also pulled together a basket full of lap quilt kits form my stash as I was cleaning out.  SO they are ready to make when I have the need to.

Well  Ill have to think more carefully about what to work on next month.  I write it up in a few days.

PS.  Did I tell you that for three weeks of this month I had to pack up and move my 15,000 volume plus library and my office so they could put in new carpet?  Many nights my body, hands and wrists were too sore to do any sewing.

Keep dreaming...Colleen
Kalli-cat helped me with binding  Madrona Road today.


Katie said...

kitties are helpful like that -- mine usualy serve as a quilt weight at least once during the process. Can't wait to see that Merona road in person.

Carrie P. said...

Goodness! you certainly were busy this month. I really like the pillow. Well done!

Astrid said...

WOW! You have been busy on so many projects! Love how you turned the table runner into a pillow! Love your postage stamp quilts too.

LynCC said...

That's an awesome library!! Love how you adapted the runner into the pillow, the trippy baby quilt is gorgeous, and way to go on the UFO advancement at the top. :D

KaHolly said...

You made LOTS of progress!! Keep up the good work!