Friday, January 4, 2013

Vintage Christmas

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a sentimental and traditional girl.  I love my Christmas trees because the ornaments have been collected or made by me or for me since I was a baby. 

 I love the vintage ornaments that came from my dad when he was a boy.  I have homemade ones I made as a child, quilted, and handmade. 
This year I made a couple squirrels,
and a bunch of these button trees.
I love my bubble lights!  

After Mom and Dad and took Grandpa Jack back to PA 

we spent two days shopping and antiquing in Lancaster and near Elizabethtown.  I found some sweet little ornaments and vintage Christmas stuff at an old theater turned antique mall in the river town of Columbia.  
First is these two ornaments.  

The little Nativity is made of Olive wood from Bethlehem(at least that's what the tag said).  I always try to find the little plastic Nativity's you can hang on the tree but no luck this trip.  The other is a wooden carousel of angels. I have to put on a new ribbon, but it will spin when hanging.  I have them laying on a vintage table cloth.  I Love vintage textiles.  I was luck to find TWO in mint condition, no stains and they were $8 
( the lace was added and I may remove it)
and $6!! 

Usually these run $20-$30 or more and they have stains or discoloration.  They will look great with my vintage aprons of the same era.  

The last find at this antique mall was this neat music box.  It has special effects and a plastic tree and little plastic people.  The special effects involve a fine artificial snow that falls as the tree turns to the music of silent night.  I had to preform a little surgery as the plastic tube had become separated at the bottom.  The tree turns from a rod attached at the bottom to the music box and at the top to a fan 

that pushes the snow throgh the holes as it turns.  But I fixed it!  Here is a little video of its action!

What was so cool about our trip was the snow that seemed to be ending came hard and fast!

in 45 minutes everything including the recently cleaned streets were covered!!

I love my tree!  

Oh I also acquired some odds and ends of plastic Christmas ornaments from my mother. 

 She is cleaning out.  I have a collage type decoration in mind but need some more.  Future project!  She also has two red clear plastic bead garlands.

  I almost forgot!  We stopped at one last antique/fleamarket in an old barn.  Outside was on of those large plastic Noel candles, I have always wanted one.  

She quoted me $5!  Inside I found the 1971 made in the USA Santa!  Yeah!  Been top on my Christmas wish list for at least a decade or more.  But they are hard to find with out the foreign looking face.  She wanted $10 for Santa and threw the candle in!

More PA Snow pis!

Beautiful orament from my friend Denise!

keep dreaming...Colleen
Daddy made me this, 
a little corner cabinet ornament 
to represent the real one he will build me!


Barb said...

I just love your tree and ornaments. I won't put my old ornaments on the tree, makes me sad of when my sons were small....I know, I am a sap!

Nancy@OwensOlivia said...

You are definitely a vintage gal! I didn't realize how many ornaments you do have! Thank you so much for the awesome squirrel!!

Kelly said...

The music box is awesome! You have a great collection of Christmas nostalgia!

Carrie P. said...

girl, you scored on your vintage finds. love the linens.
neat little music box and great find on those plastic decorations. I would love to have them too.